We created a different kind of digital agency.

In an ideal world this text wouldn’t exist, a client would acknowledge the importance of having strategies and even this web copy before the client aquisition even starts. Needless to say it’s very important, that having strategies and systems in place is a crucial element to every businesses success.

However, back over in reality a services professional, such as a financial planner, coach or consultant can not handle all the tasks himself as their expertise is elsewhere. That’s where we come in place. We made it our mission to help service professionals (planners, consultant, coaches or small to medium sized businesses) to get much more clients. And equally important we help them to get the right clients.

Our main two services are Business Growth (where we often double or tripple your sales) and Business Makeovers. While in Business Growth we grow a clients business significantly. It often turns out that a clients needs much more than simply to be flooded with new clients. More than not the business is not well structured and too many things are left to chance. If clients suddenly would get two times the amount of clients they had before they couldn’t handle them or would struggle to have all the processes in place to make sure to be able to serve them perfectly well while not getting burned out themselves trying to handle the work load.

We’re here to help. From a complete remake of your business and client aquisition, we will leave you with a well oiled machine.

While we offer consulting services, we mostly help you to achieve the goals until we leave you. We don’t only give you some strategies and leave you on your own. Only after we’ve achieved the desired results we will leave you on your own. But even then we are always around to give you on-going support, even if you achieved your goals and reached the new business stage.

Some clients who have a well running business after we helped them with their business even get in touch several months after or even for years. We offers simple solutions for that aswell, because it’s always good to have a helping friend by your side – no matter what.



Client Aquisition

Lead Generation

Web Development

Creative Content

Help you to reach your goals

With over 20 years experience in web design, building large complex digital platforms for thousands of users we have mastered all the steps to plan, build and grow a business. With a background in education I have a vast experience to analyze situations, define the goals, find a solution and coach and consult people through the process. When needed we always have the option to include additional talent from my team which works on the company platforms.

I found the one thing when working with people is, that it always comes down to make the vision as clear as possible, because more often than not people are lost in an ocean of options and possibilities. On top of that the lack of experience and knowledge how to grow their business is standing in their way.

During all the years of working in eduaction in more than ten institutions I found that my ultimate passion and skills lies in helping service professionals and small to medium sized business to achieve their goals. Because the ROQSTAR group runs various platforms with thousands of users and clients we are at the pulse of business growth. Unlike service professionals or single service based business, SaaS platforms or other digital marketplaces need a long time to build and grow. The bright side is that one can learn about sellers and buyers.